Toys in the Attic - Toy archive - Butch and Sundance (Kenner)

Butch and Sundance: The Early Days

Kenner Action Figures

Butch and Sundance: The Early Days was the first of the modern-day prequels (this one to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid). 
Tom Berenger and William Katt do a good job as Butch and Sundance, and at times Katt's resemblance to Robert Redford is uncanny. Likewise when Berenger wears his hat just so. Joining them are Peter Weller as LeFors (who ends their first encounter by saying ominously, "I'll see you again"), Brian Dennehy as a rustler out for revenge, Vincent Schiavelli as a casino guard, Paul Price (late of Lester's "The Ritz") as a stingy butcher, and John Schuck and Christopher Lloyd as a couple of bumbling outlaws. 

Kenner wanted to jump into western action figure toys and the line really is pretty nice, although small.  The figures included "quick draw" action - levers on the backs that could be flicked to make their right arms swing up with pistol drawn.
Butch and sundance kenner figfures

Star Wars - The Last Jedi Official Teaser Trailer

Toys in the Attic - Toy archive - Remco Mini Monsters

Toys in the Attic - Toy archive - Remco Mini Monsters

Remco is truly a company we miss today. Back in the 70's and 80's they were known for making some of the most iconic toys of their time; Lost in Space, The Karate Kid, The Monkees, McDonaldland Characters, Sgt. Rock, and so many more.
Today Remco brands are highly sought after by collectors, and the Universal Studios based monsters are no exception to that rule.
In 1979, Remco released the Universal Studios Mini Monsters, or as they are known on the package as, Universal City Studio's. No, there's no monsters on the end of that name. Instead each character's name made up the remainder of the title, I.E. Universal City Studio's Dracula, and so on.
The line was a massive success for the company, so much to the point that they made not one, but two variants of each 3 3/4 inch figure. The first variant is an obvious one - It glows in the dark. Much like the first variant, the second variant also glows in the dark. The only change is to the package which now sports a glowing green border around where the figure is encased.
We get that Remco was looking to capture the iconic creatures of Universal Studios, and for all intents and purposes they did. However for a line so popular, it would have been fantastic to see some other characters released, not necessarily limited to Universal Studios based monsters. Ones that immediately come to mind are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Invisible Man and The Bride of Frankenstein - Just to name a few.
remco mini monsters

Toys in the Attic - Toy archive - The Infaceables

The Infaceables or "Mystic Warriors of Change" battle each other in the war for control of the earth.
The forces of good are lead by Iron Lion the courageous who battles Tembo the leader of the forces of the dark side. The figures have faces which change from man to beast. When you extend the upper portion of the body, air would inflate and deflate the rubber face completing the transformation.
The Figures are near impossible to find loose with a fully functioning face as it was made of thin rubber which easily tore or degraded. Figures are 6" in height and were packaged with an exclusive weapon as well as a belt which was the same for all the figures.
There were 3 vehicles released which were originally designed to be included in the Blackstar figure line from a few years prior. The vehicles had an action feature of their own and can be very tough to find.
This figure line was also known in Italy as "Bestioids".

Annabelle Creation - Aug 2017

With so many good Movies coming in 2017, This is a horror Must !

Several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, soon becoming the target of the dollmaker's possessed creation, Annabelle.


DC Icons 6" Sinestro, Shazam & Deadshot Cancelled

"Shazam, Sinestro, and Deadshot Icon figures have indeed been cancelled. We’ll keep you posted on future Icons release plans once we hash out those details."
THIS REALLY IS A BLOW GUYS :( - And shows the importance of pre-ordering your favourite figures !
Even figures that have been cancelled can eventually be re-solicited if consumers show retailers the demand for them exists, and in turn those retailers indicate to DC Collectibles they want to order more.

The Walking Dead "Royal Bobbles"

The Walking Dead "Royal Bobbles"

AMC's popular characters: Daryl, Negan and Rick, as well as other survivors of the hit television series, "The Walking Dead" are set to join the Royal Bobbles family, giving "The Walking Dead" fans figurines that celebrate their love and dedication for the #1 show on television for the last five years and counting.
Royal Bobbles, which specializes in creating high quality collectibles, is excited to announce their 3-year deal with the AMC hit television show, "The Walking Dead." Loyal viewers can be a part of the action in their own home with bobblehead characters Daryl, Negan, Rick, Carol, Glenn, Michonne, and more.
"This show is a bona fide phenomenon. We are thrilled to join hands with AMC to offer fans high-quality figures demonstrating their passion for the rich characters in this gripping and dramatic series," said Warren Royal, CEO, Royal Bobbles.
"The Walking Dead" is the ultimate modern American horror drama based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman.
The gritty drama portrays a post-apocalyptic world overrun with walkers where the survivors can be more dangerous than the undead.
As the series heads into the second half of their 7th season, Royal Bobbles found it a fitting time to debut the figurines showcasing immaculate details and realism never before seen. Royal Bobbles figurines will give consumers a gateway to the ultimate "The Walking Dead" collection.

Pulp Fiction Select Wave 1 Figures From Diamond Select Toys (Butch, Jules & Marsellus Wallace)

Pulp Fiction Select Wave 1 Figures From Diamond Select Toys (Butch, Jules & Marsellus Wallace)

Available for pre-order shortly

Say What again, I dare you! The long-awaited first series of 7" figures based on the Quentin Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction movie are finally up for pre-order. Diamond Select Toys had initially shown these figures off several years ago at Toy Fair, but they got delayed due to studio red tape. The first wave will include Butch Coolidge, Jules Winnfield and fearsome mob boss Marsellus Wallace.
Each figure will come with 16 points of articulation and character specific accessories. Each figure will also come with a movie specific diorama piece. Jules will include the room where the big shootout takes place, while Butch and Marsellus each come with a piece of sidewalk from their chase scene! I guess they won't be bringing out the gimp with these.
For those wondering about Vincent Vega, he should be coming in the second wave if all goes well. Look for the first wave to be released in September

DC Designer Series Bombshells - Girls with Power !

As you all well know I am a huge NECA fan and my focus is predator and Aliens, but I cant pass on the new line of DC Designer Bombshells Action figures from DC Collectables we have in stock
The Series consists of dc bombshells


Mcfarlane "Walking Dead" 2017 Releases

The Walking Dead TV Series 5" Negan & Glenn Deluxe Box Set

Now you can re-create that iconic scene from the AMC Walking Dead TV series where Negan beats Glenn to death with his baseball bat "Lucille". Surprisingly there doesn't seem to be any blood splatter included with these 5" figures from McFarlane Toys, but I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of variant set with that is coming. Maybe the Glenn figure will have a crushed skull just for added realism.

Despite the lack of blood, this set will include assault rifles, pistol, watch, knife, and of course the "Lucille" baseball bat. Look for it to be released August 2017.

McFarlane Toys Walking Dead AMC TV Dwight Action Figure

Dwight, often referred to as "D," is a high ranking member of The Saviors and is seen as Negan's "right hand man." A manipulative individual, Dwight initially garnered the trust of Daryl and other survivors before luring them into Negan's capture.

Figure comes with Daryl's crossbow and sidearm pistol. Spectacular likeness for Dwight sculpted from images of actor Austin Amelio. Sculpted in his iconic outfit from Season 7 of AMCs The Walking Dead. 7-inch figure complete with stylized brand specific display base. Designed with 14+ points of articulation for dynamic posing
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