Alien Day Unproduced toys

Let’s start in chronological order, shall we? With the success of the first Alien film, Kenner was looking to cash in on that sweet action figure money. Unfortunately, there was a mass protest over the fact that toys for children were going to be produced based off of an R-rated sci-fi/horror flick. I guess the protesters didn’t realize adult fans would also be interested in these....

Kenner 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures

Action Figures

2) Kenner Dropship

By far, one of the fan favorite aspects of the Aliens film is the aircrafts. I’m sure many of you will be crushed to learn that Kenner had plans to produce a replica of the famous Dropship. Unfortunately, due to poor pre-order sales, the item was dropped. They also had plans to make a Mini-Dropship! Oh, the fun that could have been had.

3) Galoob Outer World Playstation

Also straight off of Aliens fever, Galoob (currently owned by Hasbro), was looking into producing a Micro Machines Outer World Playstation. This would have been a miniature version of LV-426. Based off of the pictures alone this looks like it would have been amazing! It would have included micro figures of Bishop, Gorman, Ripley (in power loader), and assorted Aliens.

4) Halcyon EEV

For Alien 3, Halcyon had plans to sell a model kit of an EEV (Emergency Escape Vehicle). In what appears to be a common theme, low interest in this product is what prevented it from moving forward into production. You can see some photos of the original wooden master pattern that was going to be used.

5) Hasbro Alien Warrior

The 20th Anniversary of Alien nearly brought about an 8 1/2-inch Alien Warrior from Hasbro. I’m not sure what ultimately killed this figure off, but I wish we could have gotten it. The prototype looks fantastic! It’s cast in 3 different colored plastics and is fully articulated at the neck, shoulders, and hips.

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New York Toy Fair 2018 Mcfarlane Stranger Things Series 3

New York Toy Fair 2018 Mcfarlane stranger things York Toy Fair 2018 Mcfarlane stranger things York Toy Fair 2018 Mcfarlane stranger things

New York Toy Fair 2018 Mcfarlane Stranger Things Series 3

Coming soon .. . . . . . . . . .



New York Toy Fair 2018 DC Essentials Reveal

New York Toy Fair 2018 DC Essentials Reveal

dc essentials new york toy fair 2018 toysintheatticdc essentials new york toy fair 2018 toysintheatticdc essentials new york toy fair 2018 toysintheattic
Nurse Harley and The Joker action figure 2-pack.
DC Essentials 7" Black Manta
DC Essentials 7" Brainiac

New York Toy Fair 2018 DC Collectibles Doomsday Clock Watchmen

New York Toy Fair 2018 DC Collectibles Doomsday Clock Watchmen

Shown below are upcoming DC Comics Doomsday Clock Watchmen figures coming from DC Collectibles.

The 7" Figures are being designed by Doomsday Clock comic artist Gary Frank and sculpted by Paul Harding.
dc collectibles new york toy fair 2018 toysintheatticdc collectibles new york toy fair 2018 toysintheatticdc collectibles new york toy fair 2018 toysintheattic
dc collectibles new york toy fair 2018 toysintheatticdc collectibles new york toy fair 2018 toysintheattic
dc collectibles new york toy fair 2018 toysintheattic

New York Toy Fair 2018 DC Collectables Reveal

New York Toy Fair 2018 DC Collectables Reveal

DC Collectibles has released a preview of what we can expect to see this weekend from them at the New York Toy Fair which includes a couple new 7" DC Essentials figures. Now this isn't everything new they will have on hand as I am told they are with holding a few surprises to reveal when the show starts.
Additional collectibles debuting in 2018 include new DC Bombshells offerings, such as a Batman and Catwoman Deluxe statue, a statue featuring The Joker’s Daughter and a Nurse Harley and The Joker action figure 2-pack. There will also be new character additions to the highly anticipated DC Essentials action figure line and best-selling DC De
signer Series statue series.
new york toy fair batman dc collectables
batman dc collectables toysintheattic new york toy fair 2018
new york toy fair 2018
Ne2w york toy fair 2018 toysintheattic

New York Toy Fair 2018 Neca Reveals

New York Toy Fair 2018 Neca and Mcfarlane Reveals

The Fog – 8” Clothed Action Figure – Captain Blake
Bolt your doors… lock your windows… there’s something in the fog! From John Carpenter’s 1980 horror film The Fog, the vengeful ghost of Captain Blake joins NECA’s clothed action figure line.

Blake is dressed in tattered fabric uniform and comes with a sword accessory that fits in a sheath at his belt. Blister packaging with resealable protective clamshell features new artwork created just for this release.

The Fog – 8” Clothed Action Figure – Captain Blake

Herbert West has a good head on his shoulders… and another one on his desk... From #ReAnimator, the movie based on H. P. #Lovecraft’s classic tale of terror, #NECA presents the mad scientist Herbert West in action figure form! The 1985 movie has achieved cult status for its dark and hilarious mix of science fiction, horror and comedy, and starred Jeffrey Combs as a medical student who will stop at nothing to perfect his reanimation serum.

As a clothed action figure, #Herbert stands 8” tall and is dressed in his lab coat. He comes with a bottle of reanimation reagent, syringe, bloody shovel, Rufus the cat, and a tray containing the severed head of the last guy who tried to steal his invention.


Toy Fair 2018: Diamond Select on Sonic the Hedgehog

In 1991, the SEGA game Sonic The Hedgehog introduced a new hero to the video game world. Fast, blue and full of attitude, Sonic became a superstar, and went on to star in dozens of games over his 27-year history. Now, Diamond Select Toys has teamed with SEGA to create a line of high-quality Sonic the Hedgehog collectibles for fans young and old!

The first products will be on display at the International Toy Fair in New York City, with a focus on the core Sonic characters -- the speedy hedgehog Sonic, the energetic Amy, Tails the two-tailed flying fox,  Knuckles the powerful Echidna, Shadow the anti-hero hedgehog, Metal Sonic the evil robot hedgehog, and the mustachioed mastermind Dr. Eggman. Product categories include Gallery PVC dioramas, Minimates block figures, Vinimates vinyl figures and PVC mini-figures with collect-and-connect racetracks.
Toy Fair 2018: Diamond Select on Sonic the Hedgehog
“It’s an honor and a challenge to develop products based a world with such a long history and distinctive style,” said Diamond Select Toys president Chuck Terceira. “The Sonic Universe has so many possibilities that we are excited to explore – in our established categories, like Vinimates, Minimates and Gallery PVCs, but also the PVC mini-figure category, which we are diving into for the first time!”

Diamond Select Toys expects to have their first Sonic products on the market by holiday 2018 and plans to offer them to retailers beginning this month. Gallery PVC dioramas are approximately 9-inch scale sculpted statues, made of PVC for its durability and lower price point. Vinimates are posed, 4-inch block-style figures, and Minimates are 2-inch, fully poseable block figures that recently celebrated their 15th anniversary.

Article Courtesy of our friends at Idle Hands x

Mcfarlane Destiny Series 3 and Call of duty Action figures

#Mcfarlane #Destiny Series 3 and Call of Duty Action figures,

Info courtesy of our friends at Idle Hands

In a world where geekdom has become massive business for #Hollywood, taking most dorky pursuits mainstream, it should come as no surprise that something like professional gaming exists, but would it surprise you to know that there are a great many people making a living right now just playing video games while people watch AND THROW MONEY AT THEM??!! The place is called Twitch and when you do the math on what some of these guys will...indeed...twitch. #McFarlane knows video games are still as popular as ever and seem willing to jump on game titles even avid players have not heard of yet to stay ahead of the pack. Let's get a look at the crazy impressive lineup of McFarlane Toys' video game action figures, props and construction sets...

#Destiny 2 7 inch Action Figures Series 2 marches on with #Cayde 6, #Zavala and Ikora Rey
Series 3 includes Parade Armor Titan, Crucible Hunter and Iron Banner #Warlock
Prepare yourself for awesome with the Destiny 2 Deluxe 10 inch Lord Shaxx
Repel every enemy with the Destiny 2 Sentinel Titan Shield (2 feet in diameter!)

destiny mcfarlane series 3 action figures


Call of Duty 7 inch Action Figures are set to include Ruin, Soap and Ghost

Call of duty action figures

Royal Bobbles - The Walking dead - The best xmas present !

Founded in 2009, Royal Bobbles is a premium manufacturing company specializing in high quality exquisite collectible figurines. All products are made from durable polyresin, allowing for a high level of detail and durability.
The Walking Dead Bobble Heads Royal Bobbles: Rick, Michonne, Glen e Carol
Available now in store @

The Walking Dead / Fear the walking dead Crossover


I would surmise that a character from TWD will visit FTWD to improve the failing ratings ? Ideas ?
“We want these shows to have their own legs, tell their own stories and be their own thing,” Kirkman said. “I think we’ve finally gotten to a place with Fear the Walking Dead where it has its own identity [and] we can play with some things.

“There is one character that is going to go from one show, that I will not name, to another show, that I will not name,” he continued.

The Show Has Reached a Milestone Thanks to the Fans, But Is the End Near?

Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd called it "overwhelming" to be in the show's eighth season and to have reached 100 episodes, and she attributed that success to the fans -- their passion, support, love and tears. Andrew Lincoln later also credited the crew.

But if anyone's worried about the show ending anytime soon, it doesn't sound like you need to be. EP Robert Kirkman does know what they're building to, but added that he can barely see it from where they are now. It won't happen anytime soon.

A Crossover?!

While they want the two shows in the shared universe to tell their own stories and have their own identities, Kirkman teased, "There are two Walking Dead shows. There is one character that is going to go from one show that I will not name and appear in the other show which I will not name."

But how does that work with the timelines? Is there an interesting backstory of a Walking Dead character on Fear? Or will we see a future version of a Fear character on Walking Dead? Or something completely different? After throwing out those possibilities, Kirkman would only say that there will be more news in the coming months.

Is the Group Ready for War with Negan?

Rick probably is more now than last season. "Season 7 sucked for Rick Grimes, but season 8, he's definitely getting his strut back," Lincoln promised, and he's "so thrilled."

Is Carol ready to fight in the coming War? "Yes. Thank God," Melissa McBride revealed, but she added, "that doesn't mean she's not going to be baking something." As for what her favorite quality about her character is, she said, "She's capable and she cares, and I think that I would certainly want her on my team."

As for Morgan, he's "stuck," Lennie James shared, and that's because he knows what he has to do to protect the people he's come to care about, but it means going against his code -- and it's not "that simple" to choose to just kill. In fact, in response to Hardwick saying there were times he just wanted Morgan to pick up a gun and shoot someone, James said, "Be careful what you wish for."

For Morgan, it's about how they live, not just surviving, and that's a point "he'll argue ... until he's no more." He's fighting for his humanity "because otherwise, what are we fighting for?"

After the way Negan treated Daryl last season, this season, Daryl's "going a bit rogue at times, and he wants revenge," Norman Reedus said. And while Glenn's death will "weigh heavy on Daryl's head forever," the actor continued, he's also why he had the strength to get out of the position he was in: "If you can't fight for yourself, fight for that guy."  

Speaking of Glenn, he's one of the characters -- including Maggie and Carl -- who broke down the walls Enid had up when we first met her. They "made her see the world in a different light" and gave her something to stay alive for, Katelyn Nacon said.

Another new(ish) member of the group is Jesus, and Tom Payne said that Maggie, Sasha and Enid at Hilltop made him feel part of something, so now there's something he can fight for and be part of, and he's excited to be involved in the fighting aspect of the show.

What Is It About Negan?

According to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, "he's fun," and with his sense of humor and charisma, "he brings a little special spice" to this world. We will see bits about his past this season.

Speaking of Negan and his people, can Rick's group trust Dwight? "I'd give the guy a chance," Austin Amelio argued, pointing out that "he's making ... really high stake decisions" and it took guts for him to go to Alexandria like he did.

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