Diamond Select Toys Unveil Their First GHOSTBUSTERS II Action Figures

Diamond Select Toys Unveil Their First GHOSTBUSTERS II Figures

Remember when Mattel had an online subscription service for Ghostbusters movie figures, and it looked like they’d have the most complete line ever? Diamond Select is looking to beat that, with a line for completists that has already yielded a massive build-a-diorama rooftop set, variants of the four main heroes, key supporting characters and ghosts. And that was just for the first movie: today we’re pleased to debut the first look at Diamond’s initial wave of Ghostbusters II figures, which will all come with a piece of the firehouse headquarters door. When all 15 pieces are put together, you’ll be able to hang either a classic Ghostbusters sign or a Ghostbusters II sign out front.

Ray in Santa hat, Louis in Ghostbusters uniform, and of course the villainous Vigo the Carpathian make up the first of five waves, which will presumably include slime-blower versions of the main heroes, as well as Peter MacNicol’s goofy Janosz. Should you not care about building the diorama, cheaper bare-bones versions of the figures with less accessories will also be available.

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