From the vault - Dempsey and Makepeace Action Figures

From the vault - Dempsey and Makepeace

I thought we would start to look back at some of the toys that have helped shape the collections of today. To start I bring you the Dempsey and Makepeace collection from Rainbow toys.
The toys themselves were taken from the TV series set in the uk in the 1980s it was a television crime drama made by LWT for ITV, created and produced by Ranald Graham. Lead roles were played by Michael Brandon (Dempsey) and Glynis Barber (Makepeace), who later married each other.

I have only ever come across 3 sets of the figures in my whole time collecting and I owned all 3 at one point, I have now passed on 2 of the sets to friends in the US who are really big on the 3 3/4 size figures, bit it is unlikely I will ever part with the collection I currently hold.... ;)

Enjoy x

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