Living dead dolls - Its what nightmares are made of……

Its what nightmares are made of……

I have always been a fan of horror since I was a child, My mother used to sit us down as children and watch movies such as The evil dead and Dawn of the dead, That’s where my love of zombies came from…. I grew up with them.

Now having Children of my own I thought I would pass down the family tradition and introduce my own children to the world of horror, Unfortunately I was less tactful than my own parents, I was the parent that would wear a freddy krueger glove and push my hand up over the side of the bed while my children slept…… and I was the parent that bought a doll and left it next to my daughters pillow while she was asleep…… That sound sweet ? really ? It was a Living Dead Doll !

That was the first time I bought a living dead doll from another UK action figure company :) – To scare my own children (What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger) They are in their teens now and I can guarantee they suffered no ill effects of my antics, In fact my 15 yr old daughter is at this moment in time watching the new season of American Horror story.

The Living dead dolls have been around now for the last 18 years and have amassed a huge following with series 33 due for release in October and themed around Moulan Rouge,  other “themed” tie ins include” #The Wizard of OZ” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

So if you fancy treating your own children to a sleepless night or two, check out our living dead doll section on our website

The doll in question that my daughter woke up to during the night was this little princess, I actually dont know to this day if she just woke up or if I woke her via my giggling at the doorway :)

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