Mcfarlane Destiny Series 3 and Call of duty Action figures

#Mcfarlane #Destiny Series 3 and Call of Duty Action figures,

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In a world where geekdom has become massive business for #Hollywood, taking most dorky pursuits mainstream, it should come as no surprise that something like professional gaming exists, but would it surprise you to know that there are a great many people making a living right now just playing video games while people watch AND THROW MONEY AT THEM??!! The place is called Twitch and when you do the math on what some of these guys will...indeed...twitch. #McFarlane knows video games are still as popular as ever and seem willing to jump on game titles even avid players have not heard of yet to stay ahead of the pack. Let's get a look at the crazy impressive lineup of McFarlane Toys' video game action figures, props and construction sets...

#Destiny 2 7 inch Action Figures Series 2 marches on with #Cayde 6, #Zavala and Ikora Rey
Series 3 includes Parade Armor Titan, Crucible Hunter and Iron Banner #Warlock
Prepare yourself for awesome with the Destiny 2 Deluxe 10 inch Lord Shaxx
Repel every enemy with the Destiny 2 Sentinel Titan Shield (2 feet in diameter!)

destiny mcfarlane series 3 action figures


Call of Duty 7 inch Action Figures are set to include Ruin, Soap and Ghost

Call of duty action figures

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