Predator Series 18 Neca Action Figures- Due for release 2017

Predator Series 18 is dedicated to three frequently requested Dark Horse Comics characters: Hornhead, Broken Tusk and our first female Predator, Machiko!
Hornhead made his first appearance in Predator: Life & Death, and is a great companion piece to the upcoming Ultimate Ahab #Predator, also from the current comics. Comes with removable mask and a sword that fits in a sheath on his back.

Broken Tusk originates in the classic 1990s Aliens vs Predator comics. His epic story arc also introduces Machiko Noguchi, a human colonist who earns his respect and joins his tribe. Broken Tusk comes with gun and bladed weapon that measures over 12” in length! Machiko has a removable mask, extra interchangeable hands, and rifle accessory.

Hornhead and Broken Tusk stand 8” tall and use the new Ultimate Predator body. Machiko stands 6.5” tall. Each has between 25 and 30 points of articulation.


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