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I would surmise that a character from TWD will visit FTWD to improve the failing ratings ? Ideas ?
“We want these shows to have their own legs, tell their own stories and be their own thing,” Kirkman said. “I think we’ve finally gotten to a place with Fear the Walking Dead where it has its own identity [and] we can play with some things.

“There is one character that is going to go from one show, that I will not name, to another show, that I will not name,” he continued.

The Show Has Reached a Milestone Thanks to the Fans, But Is the End Near?

Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd called it "overwhelming" to be in the show's eighth season and to have reached 100 episodes, and she attributed that success to the fans -- their passion, support, love and tears. Andrew Lincoln later also credited the crew.

But if anyone's worried about the show ending anytime soon, it doesn't sound like you need to be. EP Robert Kirkman does know what they're building to, but added that he can barely see it from where they are now. It won't happen anytime soon.

A Crossover?!

While they want the two shows in the shared universe to tell their own stories and have their own identities, Kirkman teased, "There are two Walking Dead shows. There is one character that is going to go from one show that I will not name and appear in the other show which I will not name."

But how does that work with the timelines? Is there an interesting backstory of a Walking Dead character on Fear? Or will we see a future version of a Fear character on Walking Dead? Or something completely different? After throwing out those possibilities, Kirkman would only say that there will be more news in the coming months.

Is the Group Ready for War with Negan?

Rick probably is more now than last season. "Season 7 sucked for Rick Grimes, but season 8, he's definitely getting his strut back," Lincoln promised, and he's "so thrilled."

Is Carol ready to fight in the coming War? "Yes. Thank God," Melissa McBride revealed, but she added, "that doesn't mean she's not going to be baking something." As for what her favorite quality about her character is, she said, "She's capable and she cares, and I think that I would certainly want her on my team."

As for Morgan, he's "stuck," Lennie James shared, and that's because he knows what he has to do to protect the people he's come to care about, but it means going against his code -- and it's not "that simple" to choose to just kill. In fact, in response to Hardwick saying there were times he just wanted Morgan to pick up a gun and shoot someone, James said, "Be careful what you wish for."

For Morgan, it's about how they live, not just surviving, and that's a point "he'll argue ... until he's no more." He's fighting for his humanity "because otherwise, what are we fighting for?"

After the way Negan treated Daryl last season, this season, Daryl's "going a bit rogue at times, and he wants revenge," Norman Reedus said. And while Glenn's death will "weigh heavy on Daryl's head forever," the actor continued, he's also why he had the strength to get out of the position he was in: "If you can't fight for yourself, fight for that guy."  

Speaking of Glenn, he's one of the characters -- including Maggie and Carl -- who broke down the walls Enid had up when we first met her. They "made her see the world in a different light" and gave her something to stay alive for, Katelyn Nacon said.

Another new(ish) member of the group is Jesus, and Tom Payne said that Maggie, Sasha and Enid at Hilltop made him feel part of something, so now there's something he can fight for and be part of, and he's excited to be involved in the fighting aspect of the show.

What Is It About Negan?

According to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, "he's fun," and with his sense of humor and charisma, "he brings a little special spice" to this world. We will see bits about his past this season.

Speaking of Negan and his people, can Rick's group trust Dwight? "I'd give the guy a chance," Austin Amelio argued, pointing out that "he's making ... really high stake decisions" and it took guts for him to go to Alexandria like he did.

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