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The Infaceables or "Mystic Warriors of Change" battle each other in the war for control of the earth.
The forces of good are lead by Iron Lion the courageous who battles Tembo the leader of the forces of the dark side. The figures have faces which change from man to beast. When you extend the upper portion of the body, air would inflate and deflate the rubber face completing the transformation.
The Figures are near impossible to find loose with a fully functioning face as it was made of thin rubber which easily tore or degraded. Figures are 6" in height and were packaged with an exclusive weapon as well as a belt which was the same for all the figures.
There were 3 vehicles released which were originally designed to be included in the Blackstar figure line from a few years prior. The vehicles had an action feature of their own and can be very tough to find.
This figure line was also known in Italy as "Bestioids".
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