About Us.......

Toys In The Attic was originally formed from the previous name "The Toy Loft" which was Est in 1992 when vintage collectable action figures were available at prices we could afford, and before the internet took over the collecting community.

 We used to travel around the UK with our stall to various comic cons (well, Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Milton Keynes as they were the only place to visit a "comic con". This continued for many many years and then around 2010 we decided to call it a day, although we did continue to trade with our regular customers via facebook and various other trade routes.

It wasnt until recently we re-opened under the name "Toys In The Attic" and decided to offer "New" figures and no longer trade in the vintage market, We pride ourselves in still having one of the largest "vintage action figure" collections in the UK and a vast knowledge of this amazing hobby.

With over 5000 followers and growing on our facebook page and a community of collectors both new and old that are continually in touch with us and consider us one of the leaders in this field.

We have always offered value for money and ensure the best service for our collecting customers, Why ? Because we are collectors as well !