Alien vs. Predator Pyramid Pillar Action Figure Diorama Element



Alien vs. Predator Pyramid Pillar Diorama Element 

  • Fan requested diorama element!
  • Stands over 14-inches tall, in scale to regular line of figures.
  • Resin casted, faithful to the on-screen version!
Add to your Alien vs. Predator collection or build amazing dioramas with the deluxe Temple Pillar replica! This incredibly detailed piece has been a central element of NECA's AvP dioramas, and after an overwhelming number of requests from fans, we are making it available. The Temple Pillar measures over 14-inches tall and is a faithful replica of the one seen on-screen in the movie, down to the Alien dome and Facehugger details molded into each side! It's cast in resin and perfectly in scale with NECA's line of 7-inch Alien and Predator action figures. Closed box packaging.

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