Borderlands Zer0 Action Figure



Borderlands Zer0 7-Inch Action Figure

From the popular Borderlands video game franchise comes the mysterious Zer0 as an action figure!
The Borderlands Zer0 Action Figure features a highly detailed sculpt of Zer0 modeled from in-game asset. The figure includes a code for exclusive downloadable in-game content and accessories such as the Infinity Gun and Energy Sword. Zer0 also includes iconic "0" Hologram. Zer0 is featured in his outfit from Borderlands 2, and has over 12 points of articulation for dynamic posing.

Shrouded in mystery, Zer0 is an assassin-for-hire whose identity and origin are unknown. Left unsatisfied after a previous target failed to fight back, Zer0 turned to Vault hunting in search of a worthy challenge.