Horror Action Vinyls Wave 1 Individual Figures - Pick your own (read details)



Horror Action Vinyls

Once you place your order please either include in the comment section on your order  - Or use the "contact us " page to request your preferred selection from below...
Pennywise - (a random selected pennywise will be sent)*
Exorcist - (A random selected exorcist will be sent)*
Freddy - (A random selected freddy will be sent)*
Jason - (A random selected Jason will be sent)*
Chase figure - (A random selected blind box figure will be sent)*
*Subject to availability, Please feel free to check before ordering.
Each Horror Wave 1 Action Vinyl Figure contains over 11 points of articulation with accessories.
  • 3.25 inches (8.25cm)
  • Made of vinyl
  • Based on popular Horror films
  • Several points of articulation
  • Blind box packaging
  • 12 Possible figures
  • Figures include: Freddy (Blue Scrubs), Freddy (White Scrubs), Classic Freddy,  Freddy in brown, Jason (Gray Jacket), Jason (Green Jacket), Jason Part II, Jason Part II (Glow in Dark),  Jason with bloody mask, Pennywise (1990), Pennywise (1990) with fangs, Pennywise (1990) bloody, Pennywise (1990) with red buttons, Pennywise as Spider, Pennywise as Spider (Glow in Dark), Priest, Regan, and Regan in bed.