Predator Clan Leader Deluxe 7-Inch Scale Neca Action Figure



Predator Clan Leader Deluxe 7-Inch Scale Action Figure

Inspired by the Kenner Expanded Universe figure! NECA's next Predator Deluxe Neca Action Figure is an homage to a figure that was a deluxe release in the classic Kenner Expanded Universe line - the Clan Leader Neca Action Figure! Taking inspiration from the 1990s designs, NECA's team has applied modern sculpting, detail, and articulation to bring this vintage Predator into the new millennium, resulting in their most complex Predator Neca Action Figure yet. And at 8 1/2-inches tall, he's also the biggest Neca Action Figure in the 7-inch scale Neca Action Figure Predator line to date - bigger even than the previous Bad Blood Deluxe Neca Action Figure! Clan Leader Neca Action Figure has over 30 points of articulation and comes with spectacular bendable tentacles that can attach to his shoulders or his wrists, plus a removable helmet and a unique staff. The Deluxe blister card packaging is a nod to the classic line as well, featuring custom illustrations and a color palette that ties back to the toy shelves of the early 90s.

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