Stranger Things Series 4 7-Inch Action Figure Set



Stranger Things Series 4 7-Inch Action Figure Set

Stranger Things Series 4 features detailed and articulated action figures of iconic characters Chief Hopper and Eleven that are sculpted from assets taken directly from the Netflix series Stranger Things. Each character comes in show-accurate attire and accessories are included with each figure. Each figure has over 12 points of articulation for dynamic posing and comes packaged in retro themed packaging. Ages 12 and up.

The Stranger Things Series 4 Action Figure Set contains 2 individually packaged figures:
1x Chief Hopper Version 2
1x Eleven Version 3
(subject to change)

Series 4 includes Incredibly detailed figure of Chief Hopper based on digital imaging of actor David Harbour. The figure comes with bottle of wine and walkie talkie accessories. Chief Hopper comes with a Stranger Things display base and is featured in retro style packaging.
As Chief of Police in Hawkins, Indiana, Jim Hopper has dealt with some extraordinary experiences, after helping rescue and recover Will Byers, Hopper found himself becoming the legal guardian of his now adopted daughter Eleven. Even with his experiences in dealing with all that the "upside down" brings, Hopper's job as Chief of Police has never been more demanding.

Series 4 includes an incredibly detailed figure of Eleven based on digital imaging of Millie Bobby Brown. The figure features Eleven in her outfit from Season 3 of Stranger Things and comes with a Starcourt Mall shopping bag, walkie talkie, and alternate hands.
After being held in a lab and constantly tested against her will, Eleven found solice and friendship amongst Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will after she helped the gang find Will and save Hawkins from the Demogorgon and the "upside down." Now, starting to actually enjoy being a child and living a "normal" life, the constant threat of the upside down still lurks.
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